June 29, 2017 The Producers

Sockie says “Welcome”

Whew…the big day is finally here! We have launched our latest production and it’s not a play or a film…it’s a new website and logo!

The new site features production notes and photos from all our shows, posters and a film archive. But first things first…meet Sockie the Sock Puppet, the new Saints and Poets “Spokespuppet”:

Sockie was created by frequent S & P collaborator and Burlington designer Alec Julien and replaces our previous (kinda lame) clipart marionette logo. Nothing against marionettes, but a marionette has yet to appear in one of our productions. And our performers have frequently worn socks on stage. Anyway, we tasked Alec with making a logo that incorporated a puppet. He took that minimal direction and did a fantastic job creating a logo we think represents some of the playfulness that we try to incorporate in all our work. Thank you, Alec!

And a huge shout out to Lori Roberts and her team at Perfect Circle Communications and Design for their terrific work on the website. We threw a lot of content at them (eleven productions worth) and they helped us put our best foot forward with patience, thoughtful guidance and top notch design advice – take a peek around and we’re sure you’ll agree!

We hope you enjoy the new site and thanks for visiting Sockie’s Corner, the new Saints and Poets Production Company blog! Be sure to check the blog for show updates, behind-the-scenes content from our current productions and, of course, deep thoughts from Sockie the Sock Puppet.

Jess Wilson & Kevin Christopher
Saints and Poets Co-Founders